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Trump - Paris Accord

Well Trump came through on a another promise. Kind of unusual for a politician to meet his  or hers campaign promises in any country let alone the USA. Now this will be interesting for Canada. USA will go full bore on coal production  related to Steel and energy.  Canada will decline and spend Billions of Tax Payer dollars on foreign wind and solar energy. The USA will continue to push

#US_supports_ISIS as Turkey's #Erdogan #Confirmed video and picture #evidence

#US_supports_ISIS as Turkey’s #Erdogan #Confirmed video and picture #evidence proving #US-led coalition #supports #ISIS and other #terrorists in #Syria. #Iran defence minister said to RT: ‘ #US not serious about fighting ISIS, it raised terrorists and wants them to stay’.

US abstains from UN vote to end Israeli settlement

The #United_States abstains from vetoing the Egypt-initiated, United Nations Security Council’s #resolution to end #Isreali #settlements, causing Israeli Prime Minister #Benjamin #Netanyahu to have a fit. The U.S. abstains from a UN Security Council vote calling on Israel to stop building settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.(REUTERS)   Friends don’t take friends to the security council. Tel Aviv says it has solid proof that the Obama administration was behind a UN

US Journalist Killed For Revealing ISIS-Erdogan Connection

The Global Research Centre unveils: American Journalist Killed in Turkey for Revealing the Truth Regarding ISIS-Turkey’s Connection. No investigation conducted Or demanded By the USA of of Serena Shim’s suspicious death since October 19, 2014. Serena was killed after revealing, in a video footage, Turkey enables the crossing of foreign terrorists “freely” into Syria; Shim’s sister Fatmeh Shim stated “She caught them bringing in ISIS high-ranked members into Syria from