Qatar & Erdogan – The Serpents of the World

Qatar & Erdogan-The Serpents of the World

An inferiority complex brings Turkey and Qatar together.  Turkish President Erdogan dreams of reincarnating the Ottoman Empire and Qatari ruling family Ben Hamad dream of becoming a significant entity in the region.  What they will do to achieve their goal is unheard of.  Incorporating Tamim’s money with Erdogan’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist network of many factions around the world makes for an evil combination that was solely responsible for the death and displacement of millions of people. Spending a total of 65 billion dollars since 2010, Tamim was able to buy the loyalty and support of many international Human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International. As well procuring the servitude of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Libya, Hamas in Gaza, the Free Syrian Army, ISIS in Iraq and everywhere else.  In addition to working as a double agent with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.